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The Front Range Training Center (FRTC) focuses on the journey through a holistic approach to the sport of volleyball. Through quality programming opportunities players can improve and develop no matter what their past or future contact with the sport is and will be. Too often players come into the gym for a quick fix, feel left behind or a narrow view of development in sport. As players get into the FRTC, we will help find a path for them individually and guide them in their own unique journey. Players will learn volleyball skill progressions, physical literacy, life lessons, learning techniques, and how to utilize their mind and body. So come in and find your path, no matter what that may be.

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PRIVATE LESSONS: 12-18 | Girls and Boys

The FRTC Private Lessons are an athlete’s way to get deeper in the game. The lessons are set up to create long lasting learning instead of the quick and easy fixes to the problems you think are inhibiting growth. The packages and resources we use will allow the player to immerse themselves in the sport while setting up the path ahead. The detailed environment allows the player and coach to work on elements that are not prioritized in larger settings and allow the player to take tangible cues to their next clinic, practice or match. The sport is evolving and Private Lessons allow players to learn, adapt and focus on the big picture.

1:1 Lessons

The 1:1 is aimed at dissecting the nuances of your game. With no distractions, coaches and players can identify problems and create plans to implement change in the short and long term.

$90 | 55 min. | All Levels

1:1 Training Center Lessons

The 1:1 Training Center Lessons are offered by our most seasoned trainers. All TC Lessons will have video feedback, whiteboard use and a Google Drive folder to house all of your lessons. In this environment, coaches and players can go to the next level of training for those truly committed.

$100 | 55 min. | All Levels

1:2 Lessons

The 1:2+ is aimed at working deeper into the game but maintaining a controlled environment. With multiple athletes (2-5), there will be more feedback (internal and external) due to the diverse situations and drills coaches will put the players in to create the most desired outcomes.

$140 | 55 min | All Levels

Rep Sessions

Rep Sessions are a great way to supplement practice, lessons, and video sessions. With new information coming to the player from a variety of sources, sometimes all you need is repetitions to work on the skills, like the driving range in golf.

$50 | 55 min.| All Levels

Recruiting Session

The ever changing college recruiting landscape is quite complicated. Meet with our Recruiting Coordinator for up-to-date rules, info and timelines and leave with a plan on the next weeks and years ahead.

$40 - 55 min. | Advanced (15-18)

Video Sessions

Most players are visual learners, allowing them to see their movements and habits will allow for faster transference of information. Video sessions will dive into the athlete’s play as well as deliver parallels from top players to allow the player to get an idea of what they need to fix and what to work towards.

$50 - 55 min. | Advanced (15-18)

Planning Session

Let us help you find your way in the midst of all the noise. Come in and sit down with coaches who have been at every stage of the game so you can ask questions, bounce ideas and share concerns about the season, the tryout process, college and more.

$30 - 55 min. | All Levels

Virtual Session

Virtual Lessons give players all day access to their Front Range Trainers. Players are able to ask questions, find guidance and set goals without walking into the facility. The Training Center just got a whole lot bigger! Schedule your session and your trainer will follow up with the video chat link 5 minutes prior to your session.

$20 - 25 min. - All Levels

Free Consultation

In the Training Center, we look to formulate a plan for the complete athlete. In the consultation, we’ll communicate our philosophy, progression-based system, and cohesive approach while you share goals, problem areas, and your schedule.

FREE | 25 min. | All Levels

Strength and Conditioning Session

Strength Sessions and Programs: Strength, conditioning and injury prevention are a must in volleyball today. Every prospect is playing club... so you need to make sure the body is working properly, efficiently and can withstand the workload you’re putting on it.

$70 | 60 min. | Junior (13-17) + Advanced (15-18)


The Training Center coaches are our most seasoned staff and are constantly pushing the bar in player development here in Colorado and across the country. Our trainers have mastered the ‘art of training’, which is different than coaching, in that the trainers are able to create detail oriented training environments that progress the players current skills and future understanding of the game quicker.  These trainers have mastered 2 way communication, maneuvering entry balls, various levels of cognitive and physically demanding drills, and how to navigate the complexities of the sport. Learn more about our trainers below!

Jim MiretJim Miret for over thirty years, Jim Miret has been behind the success and innovation found at Front Range Volleyball Club. Not only is Jim the Head Coach of FRVBC, he is also the longest-serving coach and employee at Front Range. Jim brings junior, collegiate, national, professional, and international volleyball coaching experience and expertise to the Front Range program, and is responsible for the vision and direction of the FRVBC program.

AJ Nally is the Director of Youth Volleyball and his goal is to create more opportunities for aspiring athletes all year long. AJ played at Springfield College where he won 2 national championships and was selected as the 2010 National Player of the Year. He played 5 pro seasons and spent 2 summers with the USA National Team. He helped start a volleyball training facility in LA, coached at the D1 level, and currently has his own volleyball video training app and event business called Four Athletes.

AJ loves the intricate details of the sport, exploring why things happen, and helping players understand and connect the countless ideas that they hear and get exposed to. His training atmosphere will be mentally stimulating as the player understands their body, their movements and how each aspect they’re working on affects the next.

Ryan is the associate head coach for the Front Range Volleyball Club and his goal is to help kids understand the long term process of development and what the pursuit of excellence looks like. Since starting his time as a coach at Front Range in 2016 he has blended what he learned from his time as a player with what he is continually learning from the exceptional Front Range staff about the extensive list of things that go into developing great players and teams.

Ryan enjoys providing a fun and relaxing environment that helps kids understand the complex strategy that goes into the game of volleyball. His training sessions involve helping kids work on specific individual parts of their own game that will help them be important contributors to a successful team.

James is the Head Coach of 16 Blue and his goals are training players to excel at all levels including Middle School, High School, Club and into the Collegiate levels. He has trained, through lessons and on teams, many athletes that go on to become NCAA All- Americans and to play professionally overseas. James has over 25 years of coaching experience at the College, International, Professional and Club levels.

James works hard to give players key tools to grow mentally, tactically and technically. He uses a variety of techniques to help teach players the game and grow mentally as well as technically, through video analysis and modeling proper skill in a very simple and safe skill progression. All players leave with written notes and key video analysis of their session.


Dalton Ammerman

Dalton Ammerman
Head Strength Trainer
18-1 Boys Assistant Coach

Gavin Markovits
ÔøºHead Coach 13-1 Scarlet
Former College Coach

Jen Soares
Recruiting Coordinator
Head Coach 14-2 Royal

Jillian Humphrey
Head Coach 12-1 Pink
Former D1 All Conference Player

Michelle BucknerÔøº
Assistant Coach 17-1
Former College Coach
Former Colorado Club Director

Steve Huntingdale
18-1 Co-Head Coach
Cherry Creek HS Varsity Coach

Tara Mueller
Co-Head Coach 13-2 Navy
Former All-American and Pro Player

Tanner Garner

Certified Athletic Trainer


Assistant Coach 12-1 Pink

SMALL GROUPS: Ages 11-18 | 6-16 Players | Girls - Boys - Adults

FRTC Small Groups are aimed at giving the players a complete spectrum of playing environments to help build a foundation and spark growth no matter what phase of the journey they’re in. Each program takes individual skills and concepts and progressively inputs them into more complex and real-time play. Through this process, it allows the players to learn how to technically do the skill as well as how to perform them in real practice or match environments.

Skills Clinics

Skills Clinics are focused on bridging the gap between lessons and live play. Players will be able to work through the selected skill sets in a progression based environment. Each clinic will cover several key skills and concepts that will supplement private training, practices and matches.

Sunday Skill Clinics
11:00-12:00 & 12:00-1:00pm | $40 | Ages 13-17

$40 | 55 min. | Junior (13-17)

Complete Player Training

Complete Player Training (CPT) focuses on creating a well rounded player through strength, coordination, skill work and play. Each session will showcase the diverse categories that make up complete players. These trainings allow players to add another day of training to the club schedule, work out of season or bundle this program with others to create their own unique season.

W | 6:00-8:00pm | $40 | Ages 12-17

Training Sessions

Training Sessions are aimed at giving the players a consistent opportunity to get in the gym and work on skills, concepts, and play. The multi-week programs will progress throughout the entire block and will create a quality training experience that players can rely on.

Youth Training
T, TH | 5:00-6:30pm | $25 | Ages 8-13

Boys Junior Training
TH |6:30-8:30pm | $35 | Ages 12-17

Ramp Up Series

These multi-week programs are focused on gearing up in a short amount of time. Players will be able to bridge the gap between seasons or knock the rust off by honing every skill and getting plenty of repetitions in various drill and play scenarios. Players can take advantage of the fast-paced and creative environment so they can be ready to contribute to what lies ahead.

$40 | 115 min | Junior (13-17)

Influencer Clinics

Influencer Clinics are a great opportunity to learn from, communicate with and get mentored by athletes who have been in your shoes. Players will get exposed to techniques, concepts, experiences and life lessons from former Colorado and national standouts who are now doing it at the next level and beyond. These fun and informative sessions will give a holistic approach to the game from a unique perspective.

$45 | 115 min. | Junior (13-17)

Combo Clinics

The Combo Clinics join key positions and situational concepts so players can work on intricate situations they see frequently in game play. In this small group atmosphere, players can all play a part in the learning and situational complexity so that the group gets significant repetitions at critical situations that are only seen a handful of times in practices or matches.
Pins + Liberos, Setters + Middles, Hitting + Blocking, Serve + Serve-Receive

$65 | 2.5 hours | Junior (13-17) + Advanced (15-18)

Free Consultation

In the Training Center, we look to formulate a plan for the complete athlete. In the consultation, we’ll communicate our philosophy, progression-based system, and cohesive approach while you share goals, problem areas, and your schedule.

FREE | 25 min. | All Levels

CAMPS (Workshops): Ages 11-18 | 15-30 Players | Girls - Boys - Adults

FRTC Camps are focused on immersing the player in a fun and challenging environment so players can learn quicker, enjoy the sport and create a plan whether it’s technique, athleticism or volleyball I.Q. Exposure in a repetitive yet random environment will help the athlete work on physical literacy, mechanics and competitive spirit.

Position Series

Position Series are complete programs dedicated to a specific position in the sport. Each series will be multiple weeks and take the athlete from basics, to advanced, to elite level knowledge and concepts. The player will leave with all the information on the position to boost their journey.

$175 | 12 hours | All Levels

Immersion Series

Immersion Series are complete deep dives into the sport. Each series will be multiple weeks and take the athlete into every aspect of the game. The athlete will learn skill progressions, court movement, and strategy. They will be immersed in the game for steep learning curves and complete understanding of the game.

$175 | 12 hours | Youth (8-13)

Camp Experience

Camp Experiences will run through a progression based system each day. The athlete will be exposed to skill work, then transfer that small group exercises, then apply those skills in game play and competitions. Strength and mental warm ups as well as camp long competitions will help round out the learning process for the athlete.

$155 | 9 hours | All Levels

Volleyball in Other Sports

Volleyball in Other Sports is a volleyball camp focused on bridging the gap between concepts and motor mechanics used in other sports and what you do on the volleyball court. With high cases of hyper specialization in youth sport, the Front Range Training Center wants parents and players to understand the need for more ‘range’ and exposure to other athletic disciplines for the budding athlete. Each day players will work through progressions from other sports at the beginning and then transfer that understanding to the volleyball court by the end of the day.

$155 | 9 hours | Youth (8-13)

Four Athletes’ Clinics

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for girls and boys to train with and learn from college coaches in a small group environment. Each skill session has a max capacity of 16 players. Sign up for multiple skills and multiple sessions to get 1:1 coaching from some of the best coaches in the country.

Free Consultation

In the Training Center, we look to formulate a plan for the complete athlete. In the consultation, we’ll communicate our philosophy, progression-based system, and cohesive approach while you share goals, problem areas, and your schedule.

FREE | 25 min. | All Levels

PLAY: Ages 11-18 | 20+ Players | Girls - Boys - Adults

FRTC Play is focused on getting athletes to explore the game in a variety of playing environments. Each program aims to create unique games and challenges for the athlete to problem solve for. Through that process, they’ll be able to try new techniques, with new teammates and new direction from coaches. All making FRTC Play a great place for creativity and exploration within the sport.

Fall Season

The Training Center Fall Season is designed to unite athletes from all over so they can train and compete during the gap between tryouts and the start of the season. Players will have 2 or 3 practices a week, with competition and strength built into the 2 month season. Practices will focus on improving skills, concepts, volleyball I.Q, court awareness and match game-play so players can continue their development all year round.

High School: T, TH, F | 5-7pm | $999 Complete or $600/month

Middle School: T, TH | 7-9pm | $699 Complete or $450/month

Competitions Days

Competitions Days provide players with an opportunity to explore their skill development and compete in various environments. Match play for learning the basics, 3v3 for learning spacial and situational awareness, and uniquely scored games to foster a competitive spirit. Players will benefit from the balance between competing and using new techniques or concepts they’ve learned in other realms.

Oct 3 & 31 | 11:00am-1:00pm | $50 | Ages 12-17

Open Gyms

Open gyms give outside players and current Front Range players an opportunity to play and compete in a variety of playing environments. Hop into challenging drills, unique game play and more so you can bridge the gap between club season, tryouts and school season.

$40 | 55 min. | Junior (13-17)


The Front Range Black Trainings are genuine looks into the deep and advanced training that happens at the club. The preview will be part classroom, part observation, and part open gym to give the player insight on how a club can actually train like the best colleges and national teams. This offering is for players wanting to prepare for the next level and join other like-minded players.

$140 | 55 min | All Levels

Volleyball Mixer Tournament

The Volley Mixer Tournament is focused on getting players to connect through the sport of volleyball. A fun and NEW experience will aim to get players from the region to compete with and against each other through a competitive tournament. Gone are the labels and boundaries of the sport, and here comes a unique and fun way to CONNECT!

$160/team | Junior (13-17) + Advanced (15-18)

Next Level Volleyball League

A new and exciting league to help seal the gaps we find in the Colorado volleyball scene. An intense and competitive experience for those trying to get to the ‘Next Level.’ New details COMING SOON!

$TBD | 6 Weeks | Junior (13-17)

Free Consultation

In the Training Center, we look to formulate a plan for the complete athlete. In the consultation, we’ll communicate our philosophy, progression-based system, and cohesive approach while you share goals, problem areas, and your schedule.

FREE | 25 min. | All Levels

EVENTS: Ages 11-18 | 30+ Players | Girls - Boys

FRTC Events are unique experiences that are based around information. One of our goals at Front Range is to get players to the college level with understanding and proper volleyball knowledge so they can compete with the best in the country. These various events focus on critical pieces of a player’s journey and will allow the player to learn and challenge themselves.

Open Houses

Open Houses are an insight into what Front Range is and how it operates. The most important point in the club search is finding a place that matches your needs and the relationship you want to commit to. Match quality is the most important aspect of job searches, college searches and relationships… So why are we not focusing on it in club?! Each club is different and each player is different, and we want families to be informed on what their options are before they make a commitment. Families can expect a balance of knowledge of youth development, explanation of philosophies and an open forum Q&A to connect with the Front Range Staff.

$FREE | 2 hours | Club (11-18)


The tryout process is a unique blend of every emotion. Excitement, fear, anticipation, joy and more all come together during this time and players and clubs are both put under the microscope in hopes of putting the ideal team together. Make sure you’re communicating with the club about your interest in joining, and make sure the clubs you’re looking at are communicating with you. You need to understand that this process is the start to forming a relationship, and both parties need to do their part in communicating and building trust. Come introduce yourself, showcase your skills and see if Front Range could be the right fit for your path.

$50 | 3 hours | Club (11-18)

Tryout Ready

The tryout process is grueling and you have to be prepared for what coaches, clubs and other players expect of you when you walk into their gym. Tryout Ready will be 2 hours of tryout principles, expectations and ways to show up for a great tryout, no matter where you go. Players will get exposed to the tryout process, recruiting rules, and things to look for in the coaches and clubs they’re wanting to join. Players will participate in and get comfortable with standard tryout drills and situations so they can separate themselves from the rest. The players will finish with competitive play with different scoring and objectives so they are ready to solve on the fly and win their tryout!

$50 | 115 min | Club (11-18)

School Prep

The high school and middle school seasons are built differently and players need to show they’re ready for the schedule, flow and concepts used during the full season ahead. Players will start by learning techniques that can help separate themselves immediately from the rest. The players will go into game scenarios focusing on movement patterns and situational awareness so they can implement themselves into any drill that they’ll be exposed to during tryouts and when they make the team.

$50 | 115 min | Junior (13-17)

Four Athletes’ Camps

These 2 day camps will be fast paced and fun. College coaches will be leading 6v6 and skill-specific drills that they use in their own gyms. Each camp will provide the chance to get face time with and instruction from coaches who are shaping the game at the next level.

Satellite Camps

Front Range Satellite Camps allow for your school or program to be immersed in years of knowledge and experience at the highest levels of the game. With a customizable approach, we’re able to find a price that works for you, communicate with you and your coaches to establish a direction, explain advanced and fundamental principles, and look at an overall program vision that can be immediately injected into the culture for this season and years to come. With the Satellite Camps package, we open the lines of communication so you can reach out all year around.



Front Range Volleyball Club is a nationally prominent, competitive program dedicated to advancing the personal and athletic development of youth through the pursuit of excellence in volleyball, fostering a sense of community throughout the Club and promoting leadership in all Club members.



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