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November 19th, 2014

2014-15 Kick Off Party!

Join us on Saturday, 22 November, 6:00 PM at the Front Range Facility

Get to know your new teammates and fellow parents! Join us for potluck, games and activities, and a good time!

Please bring an appetizer, dessert or drink item for the potluck. The portions should be enough to feed 10-12 people.

2014-15 College Commitments

Congratulations to the nine Front Range VBC athletes from 18 Black who signed their letter of intent last week!

Natalie Passeck – Montana State University
Jordyn Poulter – Illinois
Hannah Braun – Georgia Southern
Kelly Brunstein – Southern Methodist
Haley Mclaren – Oregon
Blayke Hranicka – University of Montana
August Raskie – Oregon
Gabrielle Eyl – Northeastern
Makenna Rockeman – Sioux Falls

FRVBC Flexibility and Movement

As you may have noticed, FRVBC is always in search of the most cutting edge and best ways to improve our athletes’ performance.  As part of this ongoing mission, it is necessary to understand athletes’ starting point, so as to quantitatively measure their improvement over time.  Many of you were privy to this process on the first few days of practice, as you saw our players running from station to station, being “tested” on various movements and such!  I put the word “tested” in quotations, because they really shouldn't be called “tests”.  We are merely assessing the varying degrees of flexibility and movement patterns of each athlete.  Unlike a traditional “test”, there are no right or wrong answers!  Also, these “tests” aren’t random, either!!  They have been thought up, planned out, scrutinized, and manipulated by Billy Glisan (FRVBC’s Strength & Conditioning Coach, as well as a athletic movement specialist), with the help of Jim Miret, Tanner Gardner, Lindsey Martin, Kathleen Schauer, as well as many other staff members and coaches here at FRVBC. 

Each “test” was designed with our volleyball athletes in mind.  We wanted to make sure that every “test”/movement/assessment was useful, dynamic, and directly pertained to what we would be working on this season.  The “tests” more specifically are designed to help assess the propensity for an athlete body mechanics towards injury, so we can take steps to help prevent it!  Overuse injuries can plague our sport, and the main culprit is bad body mechanics! If we can alleviate that, our athletes will be able to go harder, faster, and be stronger!  Furthermore, such our “tests” are designed to assess athletic potential in certain movements!!  We are looking to help perpetuate successful movements in our athletes to pave the way for easier success in volleyball!   As our athletes progress through the season and improve, not only their volleyball skills, but also the efficiency in movement and flexibility, we will be “testing” many of the athletes again in order to see how they have progressed!  

Video Analysis at FRVBC

Front Range prides itself in having probably the best video technology of any club in the country. Every court has a dedicated camera that records every practice to enable coaches to evaluate all aspects of their practice and can share the video with their players.

Additionally every team has an Ipad with the most up to date video analysis software that enables our coaches to provide instant technical feedback to their athlete or share with them to use after practice is over.

Last week FRVBC Coach, Steve Colpus attended a training course that will enable the club to provide an even higher level of video analysis expertise for both individual and team performance.

2104 Winter Freeze 3v3 Tournament

2014 Upcoming Events & Important Dates

11/21: Scorekeeping Clinic:
Maintaining 6-7pm
New (all 14 and under scorekeepers) 7-10pm
11/22: Kick Off the Season Party 6.00 pm
12/7: Picture Day – see below for times

Times for Picture Day 7th December
9-9:30 AM: 12 Rose
9:30-10:00 AM: 12 Pink
10:00 -10:30 AM: 13 Scarlet
10-30 - 10:50 AM: 14 Amber
10:50-11:10 AM: 14 Royal
11:10-11:30 AM: 15 White
11:30 -11:50 AM: 15 Cardinal
11:50-12:10 PM: 16 Blue
12:10-12:30 PM: 16 Red
12:30 -12:50 PM: 18 Black
12:50-1:10 PM: Boys 141
1:10 -1:30 PM: Boys 151
1:30 -1:50 PM: All Boys
1:50-2:10 PM: All Coaches
Please arrive 20 minutes before scheduled picture time.

The following vendors will be available for orders on the day (Check or cash payments only):

ASO - ankle braces
Moss Embroidery - FRVBC gear 

FRVBC on Instagram

Front Range Volleyball Club is pleased to announce that we have joined Instagram. Instagram is a free app that allows a user to share photos with followers. We will be posting pictures of our teams throughout the year through this application. Start following us today! Players- please feel free to start tagging yourselves in these photos. http://instagram.com/frvbc Be sure to tag us "@frvbc" when posting pictures at the gym or at competition.


Team Reps and Parents - Photogrid is a free app that enables a user to input several pictures into one collage that can then be shared with others through Social Media. This is a great option for parents and players to make collages of tournaments to send to us to be shared using our FRVBC twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. Please keep this app in min

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